The 70’s lifestyle and dance floor inspire the California Boogie Nights. Low cut bikinis designed with straight lines, crochet bathing suits in colors of the rainbow and pieces in denim make up the collection.  For the girls who enjoy water sports, the versatile bottoms with their fuller cut can be used as mini shorts. 

The Hollywood collection includes classic pieces, such as; strapless and deep-v suits in striking palette of red, navy, black, magenta and nude. Miniature flamingos on a dark background mimic the night’s sky.  Warm, summer days are captured in the Hot Sunset, an abstract depiction of the fading sun, with red, yellow, orange and black.  Pink tones bring the Navy Chic stripe print to life.  A tie-dye in blue and white bring life to Blue Jeans, which resemble acid washed jeans.

MartaReis ArthurSeixas28