Launched in Miami, Marta Reis’s first collection reverberates from a stylist who is tuned in to the new impulses of contemporary women.

She adds creative freedom to her exclusive patterns with stylized prints of the moon, of vintage perfumed flowers, and butterflies. The counterpoint is on geometric shapes and in the shock of prints that bring sport and cosmopolitan looks together, breaking away from predictability. Bikinis and swimsuits have been cut to enhance feminine proportions and models, with high tech textures and a lot of comfort.

Prints and graphics receive both the intense and the more soothing colors, as they translate a plain lifestyle. Marta Reis’s beachwear design combines classical references, such as cache coeur bras, with bold and trendy silhouettes. “I prepared a collection to travel across Brazil and abroad, mainstreaming a balance between tastes, within national borders as well as and in North America and Europe. The vacation attitude is cool and uncomplicated.

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