Summer 2018 – MARTA REIS

This Summer 2018, the encounter between fashion and art gains new contours in the creations of designer Marta Reis. The brand’s elegant and assertive beachwear engages with new fashionable trending behaviors in the way of references from the movies and dance worlds to enhance the timelessness of female beauty and sensuality.

Plentiful in meaning, Marta Reis’s new collection is presented in fashion film “Of Desire”, starring Clara Choveaux. The French-Brazilian actress plays the leading role of a narrative that compounds drama, romance, movement and poetry—elements that have inspired the fashion designer’s in this new season and lead the enticing plot of the short feature film.

Building a unique career in the movies—particularly French movies—Clara has made it as an outstanding name in the industry, boasting remarkable roles in her portfolio. In 2003, she ran with Nicole Kidman for the Cannes Film Festival on account of her part in Bertrand Bonello’s Tiresia. In 2009, she started in the Brazilian movie industry with Marília Pera and José Wilker in “Embarque Imediato”. In that same year, she played a role in “Elon Não Acredita na Morte”, first feature film by Ricardo Alves Jr, himself a native of the state of Minas Gerais.

With screenplay and direction signed by Vera Fajardo, “Of Desire” starts in a dreamlike atmosphere and gradually introduces an extremely feminine character who has a lot of self-esteem and falls for the odd one out literature. In the plot, she shares the scene with a musician, interpreted by Zé Azul, her romantic partner of an intimate moment that becomes even more lyricist to Japanese composer Shigeru Umebayashi’s tune “In the Mood for Love”, played in his own guitar. Hilda Hilst’s book “Of Desire” is a starting point for the interaction between the two, and so are the pieces created by Marta Reis for the drama.

Resorting to seductive—and extremely sensitive—photography to tell the story, the production summarizes some of the driving concepts behind the fashion designer’s career and homonymous brand. An exquisite visitor who knows her way around the realm of both fashion and culture, for every collection Marta Reis proposes a plump interaction with realms that go beyond the trends. “Of Desire” and her choice of Clara Choveaux underline this strand to the viewers’ surprise, as it goes towards current movements appraising the real woman, regardless of her age, and the ensemble of references used as sources for the season’s attire.

Recognized within the fashion industry, Marta Reis worked as fashion designer and creativity director for Blue Man for more than fifteen years. Dedicated to her homonymous brand since 2014, the fashion designer brings sophistication and attitude to beachwear, as she bets on guidelines pervading fashion to create collections, on the basis of her exquisite artistic eye. In addition to the local market, Marta presents her beachwear fashion also on international territories, and attracts considerable attention in Miami and Paris Fairs. In addition to that, her portfolio includes developing costume design for stage plays and shows by important artists such as Ney Matogrosso and Elza Soares.