This season, fashion designer Marta Reis delves into the realm of Art Déco to compose the Winter 2017 of her brand. In the 1920’s and 1930’s, Art Déco became very influential in architecture, design and fashion, mainstreaming geometry and abstraction in those artistic manifestations. In this scenario, Marta finds the inspiration to compose a surprising beachwear collection of remarkable quality and versatility.

The winter thus reveals a sober pallet of colors, with highlights for black, cream and burgundy. A counterbalance of more vibrant hues—such as magenta and violet—light up details of the more neutral items. In the realm of solid colors, a focus on emerald green perfectly pairs with the elegant mood of the season.

Marta’s new collection also points towards pattern geometry to enhance bodily shapes—particularly the back. Synthetic and geometric lines are indeed the high mark of model development, as strategic cuts—such as low hanging V necks—promote the cleavage. Hinting at the season’s sophistication, patterns bring out colors and lines in perfect match with the movement of sea currents, delicately summarizing the designer’s views.

Top features include long sleeved swimsuits that interact with the cooler temperatures of the season, spelling out the Déco inspiration in unique images. Long dresses and fluid base chemises become a must as they ensure practicality to productions that smoothly and exclusively move from beach to nightlife in coastline resorts.